This Staff Outsourcing Business provide medical personnel to hospitals, old-age homes and other medical facilities in the Western Cape province of South Africa. The positions could be temporary or contract staff placements and are selected from a database of circa 7,000 individuals registered with the company. The company also provides a payroll services to third parties.


With the provincial hospitals contracts are closed on a tender type basis and are valid for two years. The tenders are awarded to a number of labor brokerage organisations and to qualify one must maintain the correct service levels and also ensure the pricing structure remains competitive. A requisite is that the business produce a Tax Clearance certificate. This business has been in existence for many years and have always complied with the hospitals requirements and would therefore not have problems with renewal of contracts when they are due provided they remain competitive in terms of service and pricing levels. The business requires a licence from the Nurses Council to operate and also has to be registered with ANASA .

Approximately 20% of their business comes from private hospitals and clinics



SKU: B1043
  • LOCATION: Helderberg Basin, Western Cape

    WORKING CAPITAL REQUIREMENT: Between R5-6 million over 30 days

    TURNOVER: R 48 million per annum

    NET PROFIT: R 1 million per annum

    ASKING PRICE: R 6 million plus working capital

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