One of the most frequented Pubs in the Helderberg Basin. Apart from the pub and the fact that they serve good food and bring in well known musicians to entertain their customers. They hold life shows, karaoke evenings and on top of this they use top DJ's.


Herewith a list of some of the artists:-

Rooies; Adriaan Krause; Denise Carstens; Maroela Boom; Wouter Van Deventer; Robbie Wessels; Desmond Wells; Hugo Nieuwoudt; Gert Zandberg; Viljoen Retief; Karin K; Jaco Losgelaat and many other. On Wednesdays they have Karaoke Nights.


This lovely business has been in existence for 12 years and is roaring to go. The premise is about 350m2 in size and holds a large pub, plenty of seating space inside and outside. There is a pool table and area for the Slots Gambling Machines which are on the way. A few modifications are needed such a improved ventilation etc. It has a decent size and well equipped kitchen, toilets and office.


They are well known for the quality of the food, the look and feel of the business and of course the entertainment.

Located in an Industrial Area there is no problems with neighbours complaining about noise when the party start and the volume is turned loader.


The business has a staff compliment of 10 people with hours of trade from 09h00 to 02h00 from Mondays to Saturdays & Sundays till 12h00.


The lease is valid till August 2019 with a further option to renew for 5 years. The premise is informally in the market and can be bought at a price of R 2.75 million. Rent is R12,540 p.m.


SKU: B2026
  • LOCATION:  Helderberg Basin, Western Cape

    AVERAGE TURNOVER: R 250,000 Per Month

    NET PROFIT: R 35,000 Per Month currently

    NET PROFIT: R 50,000 min p.m. when SLOTS are in

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