This Commercial Printing Company service mainly Businesses, Hotels, B&Bs, Churches, Hospitals etc. They run printing presses making longer runs in the most cost effective and professional method. They do however run a small digital machine to do the short run odds and ends which every business requires.


They service mainly the Cape Town, Boland, Helderberg and Overberg regions but their customer base stretches much further than that, from the USA to the UAE.


They have a wide range of customers, some that use them on regular basis and they have done work for them for more than 20 years. Others they see once every 3 years. They probably have 250 regular users but at least 1500 users with > 2000 on mailing list. There are a few bigger customers, one who spends anything from nothing to R220 000 in a month and has used them consistently for 3 years now and growing. Another has used them for 10 years and is one of the ones they don’t hear from for months then he will give them a substantial large order. Largest order from then was over a million rand in 2013 but usually their orders range from R2,000 – R100,000. The rest is just usual stock in trade. 



SKU: B1800
  • TURNOVER: R 3.7 million per annum

    NET PROFIT: R 1.2 million per annum

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